2020 MPAA Convention

2019 MPAA Bid Calling Championship!

2019 MPAA Bid Calling Contest Contestants:

Back row L-R:
Parker Stumpff, Brett White, Kevin Whitworth, Rocky Bryce Whiteside, Kam Hartstack,Laredo Stevens, Quest Flesner

Front row L-R:
Heath Downing, Chad Shepard, Dave Hollenberg, Mike Witten, Brenda Rose, Jim Davis, Jr., Marvin Crawford, Toney Thornhill, Trent Mumm

2018 MPAA Convention

2017 Convention and Contests

Photo - 2017 Hall of Fame Inductee, Scott Sapp with his family.

2016 Bid Calling Contest

Photo - The FINALS for the 2016 MPAA Bid Calling Championship will take place on August 11, 2016 at the Missouri State Fair in the Touchstone Energy Tent. We have 8 MPAA finalists: > Toney Thornhill > Jeff Pittman > Chad Shepard > Rocky Whiteside > Jeff Garber > Seth Hutchison > Austin Kelly > Andrew Shetler > > The contest begins at 10:00 AM and the public is encouraged to attend and participate as bidders. Entrance to the fairgrounds on this…

2016 Convention

The 2016 Convention was enjoyed by many. 

2016 Hall of Fame

In 2016 the MPAA inducted Doad Childs into the MPAA Hall of Fame.

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